Nothing Has Changed

New Bowie Compilation – Nothing Has Changed


Announced today, a brand new compilation from God Himself, David Bowie, will feature two new tracks in addition to a multitude of tracks spanning his 50-year career, the first of which were released in 1964. From the US press release:

“It is with much pleasure that we can exclusively announce a career-spanning collection of Bowie’s music covering fifty years of recorded works from his 1964 debut, Liza Jane, through to a brand new recording made this year.” See more of the release at the link below. The release comes in multiple formats and versions, including a 3CD/Digital Deluxe Edition, a 2CD/Digital Edition, and double vinyl for the hipsters.

New Bowie is always cause for eager anticipation, especially when accompanied by such an expansive compilation. Nothing Has Changed will be released on November 17, 2014.

Note: the artwork on this article is not the compilation artwork.


Official press release from

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