Episode 21 – Eric Schreeck

Our guest is actor, writer, artist, and musician, Eric Schreeck. Also joining us this week is special co-host, Kitty Brown. Eric, Kitty, and Michael discuss geographical weather, social and performing personas, musical themes of sex and religion, Prince, bleeding for art, Ground Control Karaoke, art shows at goth clubs, Unextraordinary Gentlemen, synthpop, SteamPunk, childhood cosplay, action figure accessories, mispronunciation, Portland, nomadic childhoods, critical thinking vs. politics, Doctor Who, and Industrial music.

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Episode 20 – Andrew Michael Harlander

Our guest this week is actor, writer, musician, radio and club DJ, Andrew Michael Harlander. Michael and Andrew talk about having deaf parents, acting, band politics, tightrope walker Philippe Petit, Criminal Minds, starting a creative career, radio DJing, Heath Ledger, Seattle and Portland, the evolution of Alternative music, music videos, stand-up comedy, voiceover acting, finding your voice, working toward your dreams, and the recording industry.

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New Beginnings…


Hello SomethingSomethings, I’m Ash Jones! I’ve been your friendly neighborhood Something2XP podcasting wizard for a while, but I’m afraid it’s time for me to move on to new ventures. It’s been a blast so far but I’ve decided to leave all mass hypnotism duties to my co-caster (Michael John Simpson) and move into the empire building business instead (rubbing elbows with Dr. Claw, the Brain, Dr. Evil and the like). Don’t worry, MJS will keep you entranced and coming back for more brain-washing; that’s a promise! And who knows, we might put the band back together sometime in the future. Thank you for all the support, and remember… please be kind.

As a parting gift, I leave you some wisdom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZa26_esLBE

Now… it’s time for me to hop, skip, and jump into my lightcycle!

Episode 19 – Mo Whelan

Michael and Mo talked about modeling, photography, filmmaking, podcasting, underground clubs, art shows, commuting in LA, movie post-production, animation, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, writing, getting started in entertainment, horror, Lost in La Mancha,  childhood interests in horror, living in Hollywood, corporate personas, Ghost Hunters, club outfits, and gender roles.

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Episode 18 – 2014 Year In Review

Ash and Michael reviewed 2014 and talked about the Hendo Hoverboard, the Hyperloop, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Christopher Lee, teen marketing, 2015 and 2016 releases, celebrity and comedy deaths, Boyhood, John Cusack, file hacking scandals, celebrity doppelgangers, Satanism, True Detective, Existentialism, interconnective technology, 2014 movies, Matthew Mcconaughey, stand-up comedy, insensitive holiday songs, time travel in media, sci-fi series, and 2014 music.

The Hendo Hoverboard
The Hyperloop