Episode 36 – Chris Murphy

Kitty Brown is now the official permanent co-host of Something2XP! Our guest is social worker and LGBTQ activist, Chris Murphy. We talked about social work, LBGTQ activism, positive change and representation in the media, acceptable questions, transpeople in the media, validating all experiences, self-validation and love, the journey of transition, dating, what is “normal”, perception changes, mens vs. womens rooms, “The Code”, pronouns, positivity, being a good ally, making room in your life, finding a support system, TeenLine Online, LGBTQ teen outreach, GamerGate, gender vs. sexuality, intersectionality, unicorns, social constructs, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, clothing choices, and picking your battles.

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Could the Planets in Star Wars Actually Sustain Life? – WIRED

As a follow-up to a discussion held in Episode 34 – Brian Duffy, this article from WIRED endeavors to settle some of these disturbances in The Force. Enjoy.

Image courtesy of Lucasfilm

Episode 35 – Brandon Evans

Kitty Brown joins again as co-host. This week’s guest is video game programmer, Brandon Evans. We talked about candy, the video game industry, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Elizabeth Olsen, Milana Vayntraub, Scarlet Witch, Ex Machina, Star Citizen, crowdfunding, Star Wars, the physics of lightsabers, Imperialism, and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

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Episode 34 – Brian Duffy

Joining us again is bad-ass Sith master assassin, Kitty Brown. This week’s guest is artist, animator, writer, and creative director at Arbine, Inc., Brian Duffy. We sat down to talk about  first world problems, chaos magick, Inside Amy Schumer: 12 Angry Men, the concept of spoilers, Star Wars canon vs. EU, interplanetary vs. intraplanetary culture, sex vs. violence, internet security, universal connectivity, and tarot.

Kitty’s German longsword

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