Episode 61 – Edward Salazar

Our guest is comedian, Ed Salazar. We talked about large closets, coffee, comics, fitness for television, Jay Leno, Making of a Murderer, Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, The Fall, Broadchurch, Law & Order: SVU, female protagonists, action figures, Star Wars, Jedi vs. Bene Gesserit, MRAs, The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, goth kids as Sith Lords, Nine Inch Nails, John Mayer, Robin Williams, The Fat Jew, MadTV, diversity in comedy, Aziz Ansari, The Hateful Eight, George Lucas, rape culture, homophobia, and feminism.

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Episode 60 – Ashley Flowers

Our guest is graphic designer, and co-host of the Resting Geek Face podcast, Ashley Flowers. We chatted about podcasts, growing up in the Midwest, Star Wars, representation in media, Harry Potter, nerd culture, Comedy Sportz, Hot Topic, altruism, internal voices, jeans vs. yoga pants, weather, El Niño, tornadoes, stand-up comedy, workplace misogyny, Y The Last Man, staying warm in winter, Virginia Jones, photography, math, the past, and podcasts.

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Shout out from Greg Proops

Comedian, podcaster, and past guest of The Something Something Experience, Greg Proops, was oh-so-kind to mention us on the latest episode of The Smartest Man in the World: The Trimes of Crumprecorded live at Bar Lubitsch in LA on Wednesday, December 9. Greg riffed on Christmas, Burt Reynolds, Charles Nelson Reilly, and colossi.

Please give a listen and have a giggle.

The Smartest Man in the World Podcast: Crumps


We’re on Stitcher!

Exciting news! In addition to recently being accepted into the Audible.com sponsorship program, we have also been accepted on Stitcher.com. We have now added Y.E.T.A.N.O.T.H.E.R. way to listen to Something2XP.

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Episode 59 – Bryan Belleza

Our guest is graphic designer and yogic acrobat, Bryan Belleza. Bryan, Kitty, and Michael talked about tequila, Andy Dick, Dick Grayson, spoilers, Star Wars, dick, 80s afternoon cartoons, variety shows, Ghostbusters, Tom Hiddleston, Indiana Jones, MMA, Rocky Balboa, fantasy violence vs. reality, Chuck Palahniuk, comics, Batman, Filipino culture, drugs, hipsters, intoxication, work spouses, Michael’s wife Dani, acroyoga, weight loss, eating pussy, porn, and Christmas music. 

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Episode 58 – Chris Tallman

Our guest is actor, comedian, star of The Thundermans on Nickelodeon, and frequent guest on comedy podcast Superego, Chris Tallman. Michael and Chris talked about podcasting gear, the early days of Comedy Central, standup comedy, auditions, Superego, 70s and 80s comedy TV, PBS, Monty Python, Doctor Who, 70s movies, growing up in Madison, WI vs. Denver, CO, Jessica Jones, comics, female superheroes, 200 Cigarettes, Hervé Villechaize, 70s toys, improv, karaoke, Christmas music, Christopher Lee, Rankin-Bass specials, and podcasts.

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Episode 57 – Patrick Duncan

Our guest is LA filmmaker, actor, and writer, Patrick Duncan. Michael, Kitty, and Patrick discussed karaoke, live theatre, Patrick’s short film Jes and Lora, The Twilight Zone, Star Wars, David Lynch, screenwriting, Rod Serling, The Night Gallery, Sexism in Cinema, American Puritanism, Control, female writers, Follow the Money, Splice, May, female villains and protagonists, wielding privilege well, racism, institutional systemic sexism, Masters of Sex, sex ed, STDs, Planned Parenthood, domestic terrorism, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Smith, and safe spaces.

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Episode 56 – Stacey Raab

Our guest is actress and UCB student, Stacey Raab. Kitty, Stacey, and Michael discussed clubbing, hipsters, LA culture, social issues, feminism, misogyny in show business, world politics, and art.

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Virgina Jones ‘Gothic American’ Release

Podcast guest Virginia Jones released her new comedy album Gothic American today on Bandcamp.com. The album is scheduled to be released on iTunes on November 24, just in time for Thanksgiving.

from album listing on Bandcamp.com:

This is the first album by Virginia Jones. She’s the worst thing on earth- a woman with a goddamned opinion. Her comedy is best described as nutritionally dense. Virginia Jones started doing comedy in Portland, OR, where she was working as a bike-riding vegan cliche. She’s gone on to work in Hong Kong, LA, New York, London and Billings, Montana. She appears in Portlandia and has been to Bridgetown comedy festival, Bumbershoot, Boston’s Women In Comedy Festival, LA’s Funny Women, Flagstaff’s Big Pine, Eugene’s Women’s Comedy Fest and Austin’s Ladies Are Funny Fest. She was a semifinalist in the San Francisco comedy competition and her mother is proud of her.

Virginia Jones Gothic American on Bandcamp.com


Episode 55 – Matt Kirshen

Our guest this week is standup comedian, Matt Kirshen. Michael, Kitty, and Matt talk about archery, mansplaining, science TV, Mr. Wizard, Santa Claus, The Krampus, German Christmas markets, American vs. British TV, Doctor Who, Tommy Cooper, Matt’s comedy career, stand-up vs. open mics, comedy writing, comedy clubs, Star Wars, Harrison Ford, conventions and fandom, The Martian, and Benny Hill.

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