Episode 24a – Sam Stone

This is a special mini-episode, and the second of the podcasts we recorded at Gallifrey One. Our guest is UK Award winning author of several horror/fantasy novels, short stories and novellas, Sam Stone. We sat down to discuss her new book series, The Jinx Chronicles, as well as Gallifrey One, the convention circuit, Sam’s other works, Doctor Who, and new music by Sam’s daughter, recording artist Linzi Gold.

Sam Stone’s official site
Sam Stone on Amazon
Jinx Town by Sam Stone–AVAILABLE NOW!
Linzi Gold on Indiegogo
Linzi Gold on YouTube


Episode 14 – Lenora Claire

This week, our guest is casting director, actress, model, art show curator, and internet personality, Lenora Claire. We talked to Lenora about Reality TV casting, Queer media, Judy Tenuta, Alternative art, Glenn Danzig, growing up in Los Angeles, dating game shows, trans-positive media, people watching, and macabre professions and hobbies.

The Obscenesters
The Golden Girls Gone Wild art show
The Merry Titmas art show


Episode 10 – Maria Olsen

Happy Halloween! This week, our guest is horror movie producer, director, casting director, and actress, Maria Olsen. Ash and Michael spoke to Maria about acting, starting her own production company MOnsterworks66, and the horror genre of films, books, comics, and TV.

MOnsterworks66 on Facebook


Episode 6 – Backward Masking

This week, Ash and Michael talk about Twin Peaks, David Bowie, counterculture music, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, emotional milestones, The Strain, the zombie genre, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Key & Peele, Mike Myers, socially relevant media, international media, Hyperlapse, Russian dashcams, reptilian biology, American vs. British TV documentaries, the biology of reading, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, The Lord of the Rings, Occult themes in music, American fear culture, and Bloom County.


The Parietal eye

The Ultimate Zombie Documentary

My wife and I–especially she–love the zombie genre: movies, tv, books, comics, etc. Long before we met, I had seen many of the classic zombie films like White Zombie, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead, and she was reading The Walking Dead, Day by Day Armageddon, The Rising, Monster Planet, and World War Z. Once we met, and discovered each other’s love for all things creepy, we started to consume things together, and I’ve gotten her zombie-themed Xmas gifts every year, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a The Walking Dead bathrobe, and The Walking Dead compendiums 1 and 2.

So bearing all this zombiphilia in mind, when my co-caster Ash Jones told me that his friend Jonathan London had co-produced Alexander O. Phillippe’s definitive zombie documentary, Doc of the Dead, and that it was not only worth a look, but also on Netflix streaming, I decided Dani and I had to watch it. We were not disappointed. DotD spans the genre from its roots in African and Haitian folklore, all the way to modern day conventions, fun runs, and cosplay. It’s got everything: the stories, the gore, the undead vs. viral debate, and even touches on the porn parodies. It’s also chocked full of interviews with genre masters like George A. Romero, Bruce Campbell, Greg Nicotero, Robert Kirkman, Simon Pegg, Max Brooks, and Tom Savini.

If you like zombies, you’ll love this. Grr. Arg.


Doc of the Dead (official site)

Episode 2 – Media Destiny

Episode 2 is here! This week, Ash and Michael discuss daytime TV talkshows, podcasting influences, Jurassic Park, Marvel movies, movie serial remakes, Batman, 70s Saturday live action series, Star Trek, monster movies, Goosebumps, Charmed, and of course, Star Wars. Enjoy!