Episode 26 – Abby Polakow

Our guest is costume designer and founder of Cape and Cowl, Abby Polakow. Also joining us this week is special co-host, Kitty Brown. Kitty and Michael spoke with Abby about cosplay and costume design, photography, female model empowerment, feminism, leaked vs. released celebrity nudes, X-men, diversity in cosplay, nerd entitlement and nerd rage, social impact on media trends, The Walking Dead, Cassandra Cain Batgirl, Spoiler, cosplay advice, Power Girl, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, moving on from costume design, homemade cosplay, media costumes vs. cosplay, aerial silk, the 12th Doctor costume, and diversity in genre media.

Photo by Erica Lange

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Episode 25 – Michael Newman

Our guest is an old friend of Michael’s from Denver, long-running sci-fi convention attendee and staffer, co-founder of Denver Comic Con, and all-around nerd, Michael Newman. The Michaels sat down the last day of Gally and talked about our Rocky Horror Picture Show cast days, Penn Jillette’s Movie Night, Gallifrey One, John Barrowman, Gally ribbons, Denver Comic Con, Nerd Culture and fandom, The Denver International Film Festival, Tim Curry, cosplay parenting, Doctor Who, Star Wars: The Special Editions, Peter Capaldi, and the all-embracing nature of modern fandom.

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Episode 24a – Sam Stone

This is a special mini-episode, and the second of the podcasts we recorded at Gallifrey One. Our guest is UK Award winning author of several horror/fantasy novels, short stories and novellas, Sam Stone. We sat down to discuss her new book series, The Jinx Chronicles, as well as Gallifrey One, the convention circuit, Sam’s other works, Doctor Who, and new music by Sam’s daughter, recording artist Linzi Gold.

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Episode 24 – Steven Schapansky

This past weekend we attended the world’s largest and longest running fan-run Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One. During my weekend, we managed to record several podcasts, and the first was with Steven Schapansky, co-founder of the world’s most popular Doctor Who podcast, Radio Free Skaro. We sat down in the middle of Lobby Con at Gally Friday night and talked about Gallifrey One and other Doctor Who conventions, podcasting, the evolution of fandom, and our favorite show, Doctor Who.

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Gallifrey One 2015


Heading to the world’s largest and longest running annual fan-run Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One, this weekend! This year’s guest list has a great mix of new and classic series names, as well as nearly the entire main cast of Torchwood! I’m hoping to run into some listeners, record some full and mini-episodes, nerd out about my favorite sci-fi show ever, and most of all, HAVE FUN! I’ll be posting lots of pics next week. This year should be a hoot!

NOTE: Gallifrey One 2015 sold out in April, 2014, but there’s always next year if you don’t have a ticket.

– Michael

Gallifrey One

Episode 21 – Eric Schreeck

Our guest is actor, writer, artist, and musician, Eric Schreeck. Also joining us this week is special co-host, Kitty Brown. Eric, Kitty, and Michael discuss geographical weather, social and performing personas, musical themes of sex and religion, Prince, bleeding for art, Ground Control Karaoke, art shows at goth clubs, Unextraordinary Gentlemen, synthpop, SteamPunk, childhood cosplay, action figure accessories, mispronunciation, Portland, nomadic childhoods, critical thinking vs. politics, Doctor Who, and Industrial music.

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Episode 16 – Heidi Hornbacher

Our guest is writer, actor, producer, director, the talented Heidi Hornbacher. Heidi, her husband Carlo Cavagna, and Michael talked about music video production, female empowerment, writing, Viva Variety!, comic book movies, Watchmen, Batman, Doctor Who, Reality TV, Hollywood Trades, Renaissance Faires, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, navigating adolescence, college radio, equality and social justice.

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Episode 11 – Sue Johnson

Halloween continues! Our guest this week is college professor of English and horror genre fiction, Sue Johnson. Ash and Michael spoke to Sue about comics, Literature, Neil Gaiman, alternative teaching methods and media, gender fluidity, fear marketing, monster fiction, real-world allegories in horror, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, women in genre fiction, the modern moviegoing experience, sexism, favorite monsters, Doctor Who, and dangerous messages in media.


Episode 6 – Backward Masking

This week, Ash and Michael talk about Twin Peaks, David Bowie, counterculture music, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, emotional milestones, The Strain, the zombie genre, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Key & Peele, Mike Myers, socially relevant media, international media, Hyperlapse, Russian dashcams, reptilian biology, American vs. British TV documentaries, the biology of reading, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, The Lord of the Rings, Occult themes in music, American fear culture, and Bloom County.


The Parietal eye

New Who

Doctor Who – Series 8, Episode 1: Deep Breath

I watched Deep Breath, the Series 8 premiere of Doctor Who on BBC America Saturday. As I try to recall, this is one of the single most anticipated media events of my life. Capaldi is the Doctor I’ve been waiting for since the series started up again in 2005. Speaking as a long-time fan of Classic Who, to me the younger Doctors were fun for a while. Tennant was amazing, as one would expect from The Royal Shakespeare Company’s Hamlet. I’ve just often found that DW has been missing a bit of grump and tetchiness that the Doctor had in the old days. Eccleston had that, but didn’t stick around long enough. Smith did a lot of bouncing around like Tigger, and his anger came off a bit more like tantrums. Capaldi brings the grumpy, aloof, very alien Doctor in spades.

Of course, this was only the first episode. The Doctor has an established reputation for being decidedly out of sorts following a regeneration. But I’m hoping that 12 will continue to be a bit cantankerous, causing his and Clara’s relationship to evolve along different lines. I prefer the Doctor to be in charge, the smartest person in the room, and not crushing on his companions.

The first episode was fun, with the return of Vastra, Jenny, and Strax–the latter providing some comic relief. I thought the episode forded the Smith-Capaldi chasm nicely, and gave us a nice fade out on the 11th Doctor. Especially touching was the unexpected phone call from 11 at the end, pleading with Clara to help 12 figure out who he is. It was a nice send-off and blended well with the episode.

The writing was some of Moffat’s best since the Russell T. Davies days. I adored the return of the clockwork automatons, which incorporated aspects simultaneously more primitive–their inner framework and gear works, and more advanced–using human skin and parts on themselves.

I’m looking forward to the rest of Series 8 with eager anticipation, and I hope Capaldi winds up busting Tom Baker’s record on the series.

If you’re new to Who, here are a few episodes to provide background for this episode, all available on Netflix streaming:

  1. Series 2, Episode 5 The Girl in the Fireplace – Gives background on the clockwork automatons
  2. Series 5, Episode 9 Cold Blood – Gives background on the Silurians (Madame Vastra’s race)
  3. Series 7, Episode 6 The Snowmen – Gives background on Vastra, Jenny, and Strax, as well as Clara