Superego Returns

The boys are back for a fourth season as of September 1. If you are unfamiliar, Superego is an weekly-ish enhanced audio sketch comedy podcast featuring “profiles in self-obsession.” It’s basically like listening to instructional material for the psychiatric community in the 1950s turned on its ear, and the results are some of the funniest material I’ve ever heard. Recurring characters with personality disorders beyond the dreams of analysts invade the lives of otherwise “normal” people and pester them into near apoplexy. Superego was started back in 2006 by Matt Gourley, and Jeremy Carter, with frequent contributions by Mark McConville. This go-round, Messrs.–or “Doctors”–Gourley, Carter, McConville, along with recent addition Paul F. Thompkins revisit old favorites like country powerhouse, Shunt McGuppin, James Bond creator and (dead) author, Ian Fleming, and a religious theme park in the middle of a convenience store called God’s Crazy Monsters. New offerings include The Boys of Cell Block C, and Pamela Mills Portrait Studios. Superego has become must-listen for me. If you haven’t heard it, you haven’t lived. “You empty ’em dream catchers?”