Episode 6 – Backward Masking

This week, Ash and Michael talk about Twin Peaks, David Bowie, counterculture music, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, emotional milestones, The Strain, the zombie genre, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Key & Peele, Mike Myers, socially relevant media, international media, Hyperlapse, Russian dashcams, reptilian biology, American vs. British TV documentaries, the biology of reading, Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, The Lord of the Rings, Occult themes in music, American fear culture, and Bloom County.


The Parietal eye

Key & Peele Season Four

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are back and as funny as ever. Season Four of the Comedy Central series Key & Peele premiered September 24 and did not disappoint. This season features a new titles open a la Sons of Anarchy with a country/classic rock twist on Reggie Watts’ theme song. Also, they clearly have a bigger budget for locations and special effects, and they’ve ditched the sketch introduction audience segments for conversational interstitials in a car driving across country.

Right out of the gate, they’re swinging for the fences with their racially charged satire and social commentary. Sketches about weeding out alien imposters, explaining ‘gay’ weddings to the uninitiated, President Obama keeping it real, and atypical rednecks provided several laugh-out-loud moments and much delight. One episode in, it’s a win.

I will definitely keep watching.

New episodes of Key & Peele air at 7:30pm Eastern Time Wednesdays on Comedy Central. 


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