Episode 22 – Rocket Scientists

This week is a full-length episode with 20-year LA Progressive Rock band, Rocket Scientists. Eric Norlander, Mark McCrite, Don Schiff and Michael talk about musical instruments, showbiz stories, playing in Vegas, reading music, album production, progressive rock techniques, intersecting musical genres, musical roots, album-oriented rock, first bought albums, collecting music, record vinyl, album art and packaging, their newest album Refuel and EP Supernatural Highways, French horn, music videos vs. touring, Steam Punk, and far too many bands and artists to list.

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Episode 16a – Rocket Scientists

This is a special mini-episode with progressive rock band, Rocket Scientists. Michael sat down briefly with guitarist Mark McCrite, and bassist Don Schiff to talk about the origins of the band, their new album, Refuel, and some of their past music business experiences. We’ll have a full episode with them soon.

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