Episode 31 – The Armoires

This week, our guests are Rex Broome and Christina Bulbenko, co-founders of Burbank, CA Indie Rock band, The Armoires. We talked about music, elderly profanity, the stories behind songs, family bands, teaching, Skates & Rays, CBGB’s bands, Blondie, late 70s music, cover songs, Stand-up comedy, reasons to create, aging rock stars, Ian Bulbenko’s life and death, the decision to continue with The Armoires, coping with loss, upcoming Armoires gigs and recordings, Rocket Scientists, TV theme songs, community healing, genuine happiness, naming the band, and moving on.

Skates & Rays
Burbank Music Academy
The 39-40 blog
The International Pop Overthrow Festival 2015
California Institute for Abnormal Arts


Episode 16a – Rocket Scientists

This is a special mini-episode with progressive rock band, Rocket Scientists. Michael sat down briefly with guitarist Mark McCrite, and bassist Don Schiff to talk about the origins of the band, their new album, Refuel, and some of their past music business experiences. We’ll have a full episode with them soon.

Rocket Scientists official site
Martin and Lewis Reunion on YouTube