Episode 41 – Mansplaining

This week, we chatted about Fourth of July weekend barbecues, nonconformity, the goth lifestyle, social anxiety, Orange is the New Black, the American prison system, Marriage Equality, Inside Out, ballet, drinking, Terminator Genisys, Dope, fun franchise movies of 2015, Benedict Cumberbatch, dumping cable, streaming services, Hannibal, entertainment technology, Twin Peaks, actress nude scene consent, bein’ nekkid, parenting, Amy Schumer, comedy and satire, women of color stereotypes, America Ferrera, latin media, Jane the Virgin, and being stared at by John Cleese.

T. Rex figure created by Brian Davis.

Lipstick and Rayguns


Episode 38 – Two Ts In A Pod

This week, our guests are podcasters Travis Tucker, and the Podmaster General, Travis Olgin. Kitty and Michael talked with the Two Ts about Sundays, podcasting, dayjobs, 90s technology, computers, branding, beer koozies, Mad Max, Wasteland Weekend, camping, action movies, series, and cartoons, The Hunger Games, racial misrepresentation, TV, Caitlyn Jenner, celebrity transitions, The Wachowkis, Amy Schumer, living with your parents, marrying up, smoker discrimination, alt breakfast, cereal milk, lactation, birth control, and good sex.

Two Ts In A Pod
Wasteland Weekend
Lipstick and Rayguns


Episode 37 – Anastasia Krylov

This week, our guest is professional Dominatrix, sex educator, and drag king, Anastasia Krylov. We chatted about drag king floorshows, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mad Max: Fury Road, feminism, Star Trek, happy jumpsuit future vs. grim meathook reality future, human trafficking, Star Wars, Legend of Korra, Entourage, getting out of speeding tickets, Anime night at Pangaea, teen LGBTQ allies, the effect of technology on social progress, MRAs, spears, and water conservation.

Leyland Craftwork
Geek Kink
Lipstick and Rayguns


Episode 34 – Brian Duffy

Joining us again is bad-ass Sith master assassin, Kitty Brown. This week’s guest is artist, animator, writer, and creative director at Arbine, Inc., Brian Duffy. We sat down to talk about  first world problems, chaos magick, Inside Amy Schumer: 12 Angry Men, the concept of spoilers, Star Wars canon vs. EU, interplanetary vs. intraplanetary culture, sex vs. violence, internet security, universal connectivity, and tarot.

Kitty’s German longsword

Brian Duffy on Facebook


Episode 18 – 2014 Year In Review

Ash and Michael reviewed 2014 and talked about the Hendo Hoverboard, the Hyperloop, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Christopher Lee, teen marketing, 2015 and 2016 releases, celebrity and comedy deaths, Boyhood, John Cusack, file hacking scandals, celebrity doppelgangers, Satanism, True Detective, Existentialism, interconnective technology, 2014 movies, Matthew Mcconaughey, stand-up comedy, insensitive holiday songs, time travel in media, sci-fi series, and 2014 music.

The Hendo Hoverboard
The Hyperloop


Happy Ada Lovelace Day

It’s Ada the Countess of Lovelace Day, an annual commemoration in mid-October to raise the profile of women’s contributions to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Many don’t realize that we have women to thank for much of the technology we enjoy today:

  • Ada Lovelace – pioneering work on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, writer of the first algorithm
  • Grace Hopper – computer scientist, and inventor of the first computer program compiler
  • Emily Warren Roebling – Chief Engineer of building the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Helen Augusta Blanchard – aka “Lady Edison”, one of the greatest inventors of the Industrial era
  • Hedy Lamarr – Hollywood actress, co-inventor of an early technique for spread spectrum communications and  frequency hopping, which paved the way for today’s wireless communications

We would like to express our thanks to women everywhere for their contributions to STEM, and to help further the encouragement of young women to explore STEM career paths.


White House Women in STEM page
Engineer Girl Website
For Girls In Science – Women in STEM page