Episode 17 – Brian Davis and Alyssa Rosales

Our guests are cosplayers, artists, and designers, Brian Davis and Alyssa Rosales. We spoke to them about cosplay, Wasteland Weekend, Monica Bellucci, growing up bored, media reboots, monster movies, The Hobbit, Cary Fukunaga, Chris Carter, the process behind CG video effects, Jurassic Park, scary clowns, Ray Harryhausen, Ryan Murphy, video and music stores, Star Wars, comic book movies, CG vs. practical effects, changes in the music industry, and serial killer stories.

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Episode 13 – Christian Roman

This week, our guest is animation storyboard artist, Christian Roman. We talked to Christian about 2D and 3D animation, improv, Burning Man, Toy Story 3, The Simpsons, Mission Hill, Disney, experimental animation, Fillmore, Pixar, the creative process, spoilers, and The Hobbit.

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