About us

A podcast about everything

Your host is supernerd, Michael John Simpson. Something2XP features exhaustive conversations about movies, music, TV, comedy, video games, internet culture, media culture in general, as well as philosophy, mental health, the nature of celebrity, feminism, a little politics, and the overall human experience.

The Something Something Experience Podcast was started in September, 2014 by Michael John Simpson and Ash Jones as a creative outlet to give voice to their passions. Kitty Brown joined the podcast as co-host in May, 2015, bringing her own unique passion and bad-ass nerdery to the table, and moved on in April, 2016.

Something2XP logos, intro music Ways to Change Faces and outro music Scorpio Thirtyseven were written, produced and provided by the talented Sebastian Ciceri.

Email us: Something2XP@gmail.com

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Ash Jones and Kitty Brown are on hiatus.


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