New Podcast: Next Level with Chris Tallman

Hello world! Former Something2XP guest Chris Tallman has a new podcast on called Next Level with Chris Tallman. His first guests are Paul F. Tompkins and Bryan Fuller and they are terrific, you’ll love them. They talk about the stuff they love and how it made them who they are.

You can listen to the first episode here and use the promo code NEXT to get one month free on


Short Film Screenings

Past guest and friend of the podcast, Tara Price, has several upcoming screenings of her short films Earworm (2016) and The Routine (2015).

Earworm will be screened at The Mindf#ck Festival in North Hollywood, CA on Thursday, June 16 at 8pm. Click here for the complete schedule


Next, Earworm will be screened at FilmQuest in Utah on Saturday, June 18th at 2:30pm in Film Block 5. Click here for the complete schedule

Finally, The Routine will be screened at the Hollywood Fringe Festival event WMMFEST at Three Clubs on Sunday, June 26th at 5:15pm. Click here for complete schedule


Get out there and support short films!

Tara Price on Twitter
Tara Price on Facebook
Tara Price on Vimeo
Earworm (2016)
The Routine (2015)


Google Play Music!

We are excited to announce that The Something Something Experience is now on Google Play Music! They recently began a pilot program for podcasts to be featured on the Play Music Store. For now, Podcasts are only available through Google Play Music via a web browser. However we will be announcing when Podcasts become available through the Play Music app.

So here is Y.E.T.A.N.O.T.H.E.R. way to listen to Something2XP!



Pardon our dust…

Don’t worry, we haven’t gone anywhere. Our apologies for no new episodes in three weeks. Life’s been hectic, and we’re still in the process of editing a big two-part episode into a more digestible one. This is an excellent time to peruse our back catalog of episodes.

Coming soon: Bowie, Feminism on Doctor Who, and the return of Kitty Brown.

Thanks for staying tuned.


Audio difficulties (FIXED!)

For some reason the audio player isn’t working on the individual episode pages. However the player is working on the Archive page. Click Archive above and find the episode you want on that page to listen.

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We are investigating the cause of this issue and hope to have it fixed as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks for listening!

UPDATE: The audio issues have been fixed on all of the Podcast blog posts. Enjoy!


Something happened on the day he died…

“I’ve heard a rumour from Ground Control / Oh no, don’t say it’s true”

There will be no new episode today. For those of you who listen, you know we lost our God last night, and we are devastated.

I can scarcely remember a time in my life when Bowie wasn’t in it. I remember as a child hearing his music all throughout the 70s, watching him live with Klaus Nomi on SNL in 1979, watching the music videos throughout the 80s and 90s, being in the front of the pit seeing him live with Nine Inch Nails in 1995, marveling at his ability to constantly reinvent himself, and worshiping him utterly.

He and his work sit on the throne at the very center of a Kingdom of music, art, culture, and counterculture that pumps in our veins and makes us who we are. He is the single most influential artist in the history of modern music. Without him, there would be no punk, no post-punk, no Goth, no New Wave, no Alternative rock, etc. So many other music careers and genres were begat by him, and to him they owe their successes.

His career spanned five decades, and he was–and always shall be–relevant. Fuck you, Eli, wherever you are. Stop what you’re doing and go buy or listen to his last album, Blackstar, just released on January 6. As it turns out, he knew he was not long for this world, and he was letting us know, and saying goodbye. Leave it to the man–the GOD–to eulogize himself. Last night, the heavens just became far more interesting. I just know Bowie and Lou Reed are already working together on a new project.

Somehow, I never imagined how I would feel should David Bowie ever die. Now I know, and it is not good.

Now cracks a noble heart.—Good night, sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

#PraiseHim #PleaseBeKind

David Bowie and Klaus Nomi on SNL, 1979
David Bowie – Blackstar on Amazon

Shout out from Greg Proops

Comedian, podcaster, and past guest of The Something Something Experience, Greg Proops, was oh-so-kind to mention us on the latest episode of The Smartest Man in the World: The Trimes of Crumprecorded live at Bar Lubitsch in LA on Wednesday, December 9. Greg riffed on Christmas, Burt Reynolds, Charles Nelson Reilly, and colossi.

Please give a listen and have a giggle.

The Smartest Man in the World Podcast: Crumps


We’re on Stitcher!

Exciting news! In addition to recently being accepted into the sponsorship program, we have also been accepted on We have now added Y.E.T.A.N.O.T.H.E.R. way to listen to Something2XP.

Please find us at and while you’re at it, please take the time to RATE and REVIEW us. It doesn’t take long, it helps out tremendously, and helping others makes you feel GREAT!