Episode 14 – Lenora Claire

This week, our guest is casting director, actress, model, art show curator, and internet personality, Lenora Claire. We talked to Lenora about Reality TV casting, Queer media, Judy Tenuta, Alternative art, Glenn Danzig, growing up in Los Angeles, dating game shows, trans-positive media, people watching, and macabre professions and hobbies.

The Obscenesters
The Golden Girls Gone Wild art show
The Merry Titmas art show


Episode 13 – Christian Roman

This week, our guest is animation storyboard artist, Christian Roman. We talked to Christian about 2D and 3D animation, improv, Burning Man, Toy Story 3, The Simpsons, Mission Hill, Disney, experimental animation, Fillmore, Pixar, the creative process, spoilers, and The Hobbit.

@cromantary on Twitter
cromantary on Tumblr
Christian Roman 23 on SoundCloud
Disney’s Fillmore
Mission Hill


Episode 12 – Howard Hallis

This week, our guest is Los Angeles Artist, KJ, creator of The Picture of Everything, and owner of one of largest collections of Doctor Strange memorabilia in the world, Howard Hallis. Ash and I sat down with Howard and his fiancée, Sam to discuss collectibles, comic book movies, Doctor Strange, The Simpsons vs. South Park vs. Family Guy, scatological humor, Archer, lenticular art, The Picture of Everything, celebrity encounters, Karaoke, and Star Wars.

The Picture of Everything
Howard Hallis’ Official Website

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Episode 11 – Sue Johnson

Halloween continues! Our guest this week is college professor of English and horror genre fiction, Sue Johnson. Ash and Michael spoke to Sue about comics, Literature, Neil Gaiman, alternative teaching methods and media, gender fluidity, fear marketing, monster fiction, real-world allegories in horror, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, women in genre fiction, the modern moviegoing experience, sexism, favorite monsters, Doctor Who, and dangerous messages in media.