We would like to thank the following people for their contributions to our podcast:

Ash Jones – Thanks for starting the podcast with me, for all the great conversations, and for being a good friend.

Kitty Brown – Thanks for being the little sister I never had, for being a staunch champion of human rights and women everywhere, and for the ‘Rocket and Groot’ caricature.

Sebastian Ciceri – Intro song “Ways to Change Faces” and outro song “Scorpio Thirtyseven”, as well as Something2XP and S2XP icon design. Check out his music on iTunes.

Dani Shriver-Simpson – for being the best friend, partner, and wife this fussy nerd could ever hope for, for the VO work on outros and all the love and support!

Falynn Adams – VO work on outro and telekinesis partenaire!

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